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December 27, 2014

Wu's top 5 - where to buy Japanese sweets?

Hello, Foodies! Today I'll tell you about my top 5 sources of Japanese sweets. You ask me about it so often that I have to make something like this. So...

 5. Oriental food stores 
In oriental food stores one can buy not only japanese sweets but also general and widely distributed products like sushi ingredients, seasonings, rice wine, snacks or even instant food. 

I like it this way because:
+ I can touch, try and ask about products that I feel like buying
+ I have a chance to talk about Japan and to learn something new from experienced people
+ I can come across a lot of products I've never seen before
+ I don't have to pay for the delivery, hence I don't have to wait for my products

I don't like this method because:
- it's hard to find oriental food stores in Poland that present wide range of goods 
- I have to move my ass from my cosy, little, warm flat 

For a little sum up, I've decided to make a subjective rank:

  • prices: average
  • convenience: low
  • pleasure: average/high
  • variety: low

 4. Online Japanese-stuff shops 
It's very good way of buying goodies, because one can see and read about almost any detail starting from flavor to weight of specific package. I love to scroll down these colorful pages full of photos. But one factor makes me sick... prices. In my country people in general don't earn much in comparison to UK or USA. For me it's incredibly expensive to pay for sweets in dollars or euro. But if it's not too much for you guys you should check this option out!

My favorite web pages selling japanese goodies: TofuCute and of course J-List.

  • prices: high
  • convenience: high
  • pleasure: high
  • variety:  extremely high! 

 3. Anime conventions 
Conventions have special atmosphere to them. One can meet amazing people who know a lot about crazy Japanese culture, hisotry and of course sweets and this factor makes up for high prices and trampled shoes. I love this way of buying japanese cookies and candies regardless of those disadventages anyway.

My favorite convention stores are: Yumegari (only in Poland), as well as some small Japanese and Korean stands and booths scattered around various anime conventions throught the year.

  • prices: average
  • convenience: low (oh, the crowds!)
  • pleasure: average
  • variety: average
 2. eBay 
Number of advantages: this method it's available for everybody around the world assuming they have Internet access of course. One can find good discounts that are actually viable! It's doable even without having friends in Japan who could probably send him or her some packages cheaper or for free. What's more it's just simple and free shipping is an option often used by eBay sellers . One may need a little practice if it goes for searching for good offers (I love buying sets!) but it's feasible.

  • prices: low/average
  • convenience: high
  • pleasure: high
  • variety: average/high
 1. Friend from Japan 
Well, it's my favourite way, but I don't have many chances to buy like this. Variety is limited only by stores in your friend's life place. If you know someone from big city, you'll never try everything this person can send to you! Of course, it's not easy to buy this way. You have to know someone from Japan, very often know Japanese (at least at basic level), solve technical problems (like way of payment) together etc. But pleasure is incomparable!

  • prices:  as low as can be 
  • convenience: average
  • pleasure:  incomparable 
  • variety: limited by region and season

C. Manghha - Museum of Japanese Art and Technology
in Wrocław Poland 
I, Cinek, personally suggest giving this option a chance. As the name of the museum clearly states, this museum has nothing to do with cookies nor candies. However they do have a small variety of sweets at their disposal. And who knows, maybe they change their goodies from time to time to something seasonal and display them as they do display their exhibits. Cookies and candies as well as powdered japanese tea are available for purchase at the gatehouse. Because who visits museums, am I right? Nevertheless, it's not how you treat your pieces de resistance ;)

Jokes aside, they have a Polish website that you guys should head to whether you speak Polish or not. Tickets are not too expensive and it's a very good experience that gives you a fresh look at japanese history and its wars, art and its paintings or even agriculture and its farming tools of previous generations. 

Which one is YOUR favourite? :)

December 21, 2014

Blueberry - buruuberii no do ame

Hello, Foodies. :) In Poland there is no snowy Christmas this year it looks like. I feel like it's autumn rather than winter. But it doesn't matter - Christmas is a happy period to chill out and spend some time with family where I don't worry about studies and learning, And it makes me happy right now.

Today I have for you the taste of summer... blueberry candies! I bought them relatively cheaply on a anime convention some time ago.

November 29, 2014

UHA - pleasant banana WTF

Hello, Foodies! Today I have for you something called ごきげんばなな (gokigen banana) made by UHA. Gokigen means something like "pleasant¹" (I think, but it's hard to say, because it's written in hiragana without any kanji) so here we have pleasant bananas, uh? WTF, Land of the Rising Sun?

November 20, 2014

Furuta - matcha sand cookies

Hello, Foodies. Today I have for you 濃厚抹茶サンドクッキー made by Furuta. What is it? I promise you, you won't find anything like this in our stores. :)

November 13, 2014

Yukiguni Aguri - 蒟蒻ゼリー

Hello, everyone! Today I have for you something special - mango jellies made with very unfamiliar (for European people of course) plant. So if you want to know what the hell is that sticky thing on the photo... keep reading. =(^_^)=

November 07, 2014

Glico - Kocochi - matcha chewing gum

Hello, Foodies! Today a few words about... chewing gum by Glico! It was a big surprise for me to find a matcha green tea flavored gum, I've never tried anything like this before!

November 06, 2014

I'm back again!

こんばんわ皆さん!Hello everyone! After a looong break I'm back again. My life calmed down a little bit and I don't have such crazy rollercoaster as before, so I can do something different than catching brutally separated pieces of my disordered life, ha! =(^_^)=

October 20, 2014

Glico - Cheeza 53%

Today I have for you extremely tasty, crispy cookies by well known company Glico. In other words: what happens if we mix Japanese creativity with cheese and almonds? Let's see :3

April 17, 2014

UHA - Puccho balls

Hello Foodies :) Today I will show you new type of Puccho: puccho balls, cola flavour. And it'll be first note made with Cinek and... Veti. We bought sweets together. :3

February 22, 2014

Kabaya - ume sticks

Hello. Here we have a warm day, perfect for writing about sticks that I tried lately - ume flavour by Kabaya. To be precise, for these who don't know what ume is: it's asian tree, commonly named as Chinese plum and Japanese apricot. Enjoy! :)

February 07, 2014

Meiji - グミチョコ apple

Hello, Foodies. Today I'll show you グミチョコ (gumi choko = gummy choco), apple flavoured chocolate coated gummies¹. What do you think about it?

January 09, 2014

Nestle - strawberry KitKats :3

Hi, there :) Today I wanna write briefly about one of the most tasty things I've eaten lately - strawberry KitKats!